Monday, October 17, 2011

Where Would She Be Today?

"She feels it deep within her heart,
and he's known it all along;
she felt she loved him from the start,
how could anything go wrong?

First a word or two to her,
sensing she feels the same.
Her heart within begins to stir;
surely this isn't a game.

Finally, he's asked her out,
and oh she can hardly wait,
for this time she feels no doubt;
she's got the perfect date.

Now he so gently holds her hand,
oh her heart could fairly fly.
It's all according to his plan,
with just a week gone by.

It has been a special night,
her heart so high it soars.
And here in the pale moonlight,
he kisses her at the door.

 _  _  _  _  _  _  _  _  _ 

Swiftly tears flow down her cheeks,
where could she have gone wrong?
Though now she seems so very weak,
she used to feel so strong.

"Has he really used me so?"
she questioned deep inside.
"Do I even want to know?"
aloud to herself she replied.

They'd gone to the game that night,
and all was going so great,
but then when no-one was in sight,
he said he didn't want to wait.

Surprised, she firmly told him no,
and angry he took her home.
Then in tears she watched him go,
before she headed for the phone.

"I can't believe how strict you are!"
her friend said when she phoned.
As she wished herself back in the car,
inwardly she groaned.

But he forgave her or so he said,
yet he kept pushing her for more.
And now with a bit of dread, 
she met him at the door.

He'd told her if she really loved him
she'd take this final step,
she so feared she might give in,
the night before she'd barely slept.

How romantic their date was that night,
and so quickly time had flown.
She'd soon forgotten they'd had a fight,
as they crept off to be alone.

Yes, that night she gave her all away,
and with little doubts or fears.
But now alone she is today,
amid her quickly falling tears.

The baby, if his life is spared,
his daddy he will never know,
and now she is so very scared,
for one of them must go.

He'd said she has to make a choice,
which one does she love more?
She'd barely heard his angry voice
as he stormed out the door.

How could it get so out of hand?
How could things end this way?
If only she'd kept her stand,
where would she be today?"

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