Saturday, October 1, 2011

Be Content

"The young couple sat side by side on the porch swing, rocking back and forth enjoying a rare moment of silence.
They had made the decision to never be alone together so as to hold them accountable, and so it was that the young woman's parents sat across the porch from them talking quietly of the happenings of the day, every once in awhile casting a watchful glance in their direction.

"Sara..." the young man interrupted the silence, as he turned to address the young woman at his side. "Yes?" she nearly jumped at the sudden interruption of her thoughts. Sara looked up shyly for a moment before once again resting her gaze upon the rose bushes which bordered the porch of her parent's house.
Fidgeting nervously with his jacket for a moment and then placing his hands awkwardly in his lap, he finally took a deep breath and said, slowly but firmly, "I feel we should end our courtship."
Jumping up in astonishment and in a tone of obvious shock and disappointment she asked "What?! End our courtship?!" and quickly the tears began to flow. After having spent hours of rehearsing and anxious anticipation, he was somewhat surprised to see her reaction (he had always had a way with words) and hurriedly fell to one knee before her as he softly and tenderly said those sweet words she'd so longed to hear ever since she'd begun to realize her feelings for him, so many years prior to this moment: "Sara Elisabeth Krin, will you marry me?"
Sudden disappointment turned to sudden delight as the tears of heartache and pain were quickly succeeded and flooded over by tears of joy flowing down her now flushed cheeks. With barely a breath in between his words and her own, she left no time for him to express further the things which he'd so carefully rehearsed, and declaring with such obvious feeling and incredible passion for a woman normally so quiet and composed as she, that had he any doubt of her utmost love and affection, they were then dismissed with her words "Yes!!! I've waited so long for you Trey! I love you!"
There was a sparkle in his eyes as that smile which had so enraptured Sara for years now spread across his face, and placing the ring on her finger, he then rose to his feet as he gazed into her eyes with wonder, marveling at the goodness and kindness of the Master, who'd seen fit to write such a beautiful love story; their love story."

It is my suspicion that nearly every young woman, at some point or another in her life, has imagined a scene similar to the one described above, where the man of her dreams falls to his knees and declares his deepest heartfelt love and adoration for her, and they're off in a life of sunshine and roses living "Happily Ever After."

But life isn't always like that, is it? Often we find ourselves dragging our feet through life, full of self-pity and dissatisfaction. Or am I the only one? I think not.
I find myself wishing for something more at every turn. Sometimes I get what I want, but sometimes I don't- and that's where discontentment sets in.
Its quite like a small child who throws tantrums. We don't get exactly what we want when we want it and we pitch a pity party fit. We make ourselves useless to all but Satan as we sulk and pout.
But its time we learn something:

There will always, ALWAYS be something to lure us away from God's plan and design. Once you "catch" that guy (or girl, for any guys who may be reading this), don't think that will be the end of the temptation and evil desire. There will always be "hotter" guys or prettier girls.
We have to learn to be content, satisfied with the life we've been given. Not just in this respect, but others. There will be more money to be earned, a better job to have, more fame, success, newer cars, phones, clothes, toys, shoes, etc. The list is endless. How long will we seek the latest and greatest? Do we think that on the other side of the rainbow there are no more clouds? If, after, marriage, we are to love and cherish the gift og our spouse through every trial -in sickness and in health, rich or poor- should we not first learn to seek the true satisfaction and peace that come from God? Perhaps God has not answered your cries for that special guy/girl because, as in James 4:3- your motives are all wrong and you are only seeking pleasure, rather than the glorification of God and the advancement of His kingdom?

Learn to be content wherever God has placed you-- it's great practice! Not that what you're doing now is only practice for real life -but more preparation I'd say- for the future. We are to live in the here and now also. God desires our unswerving devotion during these single years- not our focusing on the things we don't have and would like. So learn, as I am seeking to learn, to be content under all circumstances.

~Victoria Christine

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