Monday, October 17, 2011

Do You See What Jesus Sees?

I see a small child roaming the streets, 
she's desperately looking for something to eat.
Yet she's looking for more than food alone,
she's looking for love and a place to call home.

I see a woman who lost her husband at war,
she's searching for a life worth living for.
She wonders if there's yet hope to live on, 
the day that he died she felt hope was gone.

I see a man who's bound in these chains,
he started drinking just to cover the pain. 
But now he's bound and he can't get away,
he struggles just to get through everyday. 

I see a teen who's just tryin' to fit in,
he knows what's right yet struggles with sin.
He seeks to be different, yet still be the same,
but now he's sick of playing these games. 

But what do we offer as we quickly pass by? 
We offer a church service or program to try.
Now tell honestly tell me is this what they need?
To be the recipient of your weekly good deed?

No, they need love and acceptance in Christ,
to know their sins have been paid with a price.
They need to see our Savior yet lives,
that He loves, accepts, and gladly forgives.

They need to see Him at work in our lives,
and through our love they'll then realize,
for through our love they know that we care,
and then truly the life of Jesus we share. 

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