Wednesday, May 14, 2014

A Season, or a Choice?

Hi there! 

My friends on Facebook lecture me about my long Facebook posts, so today I'm just skipping the lecture and blogging. Take THAT fb critics! ;) 

I have had a rather hectic life these days, with hardly a dull moment to catch my breath. It is difficult. Part of it is simply a season, but I also struggle to find time to devote to bible reading and personal prayer time and I don't like that. I am so tired and brain dead that it is hard to focus at the end of the day, and I find myself trying to squeeze in every minute of sleep time and thus barely leaving room for eating and essentials at the beginning of the day as well. 

But I must be honest with myself, is it a season, or a choice? I can MAKE time for just me and God, the same way I make time for other friends--and He is most important to me! I love my friends, but they can't take His place! 

And there's something that is echoing almost silently in my head, this nagging. I don't want my Savior to be an after thought. 
I want my LIFE to revolve around Him. Every moment, every breath, every thought, every decision big or small I want to be in light of the reality of His presence in my life. 

I'm not sure how to go about it, maybe I need someone to keep me accountable who will ask "How's your personal time with God been this week?" I don't know. But something has to give. I am surrounded by the Word in that I am involved in so many different groups and studies with friends (literally), but there's just something about that individual one-on-one time that cannot be replaced with group discussion. The same as with any other intimate relationship, that individual time is very necessary in order to thrive! 

In order to keep the perspective I desire I need to have that daily time of coming before my Lord, not just here and there whenever I get the chance. It needs to have priority, He needs to be priority in my life. I HAVE to have it. Like, really. I love when He sends me reminders that can be so hard, but so necessary. He brings me to my knees regarding a situation and I find myself thanking Him for the trial that brought me closer still to Himself and reminded me of my deep need for my Savior in my life. I need His saving power and grace every day of my life!

What scares me the most about "growing up" is the way adults seem to have lost the childlike simplistic faith that many formerly possessed as children. I don't want to grow out of that! I am conscious of this ever growing pressure from the world to fill every nook and cranny of my life with "good things" which slowly drowns out the will of the Father in me. He has a vision for me, and I have to be near to Him in order to perceive it, and in order to be near Him I have to remove all that comes between us! It is a never ending process of continuously making wise choices. 

So if you're the praying type--pray for me. I refuse to let God be an afterthought at the end of the day when I can't keep my eyes open any more. I refuse to give in to the busyness of society that seeks to come between me and the most important Person in my life! 

Will you stand with me and choose this way, His way, too?