Friday, January 9, 2015

I Am Enough

"God is (more than) enough."

I wonder how many times I will come back to this truth before I die? Probably too many times to count. 

I seem to be reminded of it weekly, if not daily, now. 
Every relationship fails me. Everyone, young or old, friend or acquaintance, family member or stranger, lets me down. 

Except my Lord. 

I feel I reiterate this repeatedly. Because God speaks it to me repeatedly. Because I NEED Him to remind me constantly.  

When I lie in bed awake at night lonely, broken and confused:"I am enough."
When another friend or family member lets me down: "I am enough." 
When death claims yet another: "I am enough."
When I am called to walk in the unknown: "I am enough."
When I am sick or in pain: "I am enough."
When I am buried in shame: "I am enough."
When I am in need: "I am enough."

Over. And over. And over. And over. Again and again. And it never ceases to be the most precious reminder, the greatest of delights, the sweetest of promises. It reminds me of something my dad taught me as a child in relation to God commanding us to have no other gods before Him: "He's not just saying 'thou shalt not,' He's saying 'You can have Me.'"

When He says "no" to something lesser, He is saying "yes" to something greater; "You can have Me."

Oh how delightful is this truth! In Him is fullness of joy. In Him is soul-satisfying love and the fulfillment of the deepest of desires. And what greater gift is there, what greater answer to every prayer of anguish; every pain, every need, every desire, every agonizing circumstance, than God Himself? In Him is the culmination of every good thing. Oh my soul--be NOT cast down within me, for the Satisfier of Souls has made His claim upon thee. 

Dwell on this today: God is enough. 

This song came to mind as I was considering these things this morning. It's an "oldie but goodie" as some would say (haha and others would say it isn't an oldie, but you get my drift--it's not exactly new).

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